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CPR Rhythm

We leave you a video in which you can hear the correct rhythm of a compression in case you do not have the feedback, it is still good practice to try to follow the rhythm without references since in a case of real emergency it is difficult for you to have them. 

Keep practicing!

We know that sometimes it is easier to follow the rhythm with a song, below we share a playlist from our friends at RCP México, in it you will find songs that meet the rhythm of CPR compressions. 

You can find it on Spotify and do not hesitate to investigate if your favorite song is useful in these cases, remember that as long as it is between 100 and 120 rpm you can use it without problems. 

Here we leave you a video explaining the CPR maneuver with only your hands, with the steps from the CPR manual. 

Remember to follow all the steps and memorize them.  

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