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At rcpractica we innovate with CPR training tools, offering portable and versatile solutions to empower people and communities to save lives in emergency situations.

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Why Us

rcpractica the best tool for CPR training:

accesible rcpractica


Easy to use and learn from home



Size from 1 to 10 Compared to other mannequins

RCP_Pets Board_R5_page-0002.jpg


You can simulate different ages, weights and even pets



In real time to correct the maneuver:

Frequency and Depth

For all those who teach and want to learn CPR

¿Para quién es?

For whom it is rcpractica?

  • Children

  • Adults

  • Students

  • Professionals

  • Civilians

  • People who do not know CPR

  • People who want to practice CPR

  • Schools

  • Companies

  • People who want to be heroes and want to save their loved ones

Everyone can learn with rcpractica


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Discover the Versions of RCPractica

rcpractica light


The lightest of the family.

Its heart simulates the thorax and together with its board/instructions it offers a great simulation to keep you practicing.

rcpractica v2

Innovation and classic.

With the classic compression indicator click, rcpractica V2 helps you improve your maneuver accompanied by a dashboard/instructions for an interactive learning experience.

rcpractica pro

The most pro version.

It brings together all the features of chest simulation, compression indicator click and adds a rate indicator device. With an intuitive traffic light it will tell you if you are going too fast or too slow, ensuring quality CPR

Ideal for children, schools, homes and large groups.

The most used tool in courses for small and medium groups.

The ideal version for professionals, instructors and for balancing in groups.

Testimonials from our users

Mark Quote

"RCPractica changes everything because now I can easily transport my teaching material to the companies I train"

Rosa Aguilar, Paramedic + 20 years of experience

An award winning product


First place in Mercado Libre sales


1st Place

Leaders in Innovation Fellowship Global 2023


1st Place

Leaders in Innovation Fellowship Global 2023

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Best technology for mega training Auxiliatec

10th Guanajuato Technological Innovation Award

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