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rcpractice feedback 


  • Dimensions: 6 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm. 
  • White color
  • Material: handle


Improve your practice version two with the feedback, created to evaluate the quality of your compressions with it you will have a visual and auditory reference. First, by means of a beep, the frequency with which the compressions should be given is marked and with the click of the heart you will know if you are reaching the correct depth. 


The device also has three LEDs that will indicate if you are doing the maneuver too fast (red), too slow (yellow) or correctly (green). 

This way it is easier to evaluate your compression and you can practice with confidence that you are doing it right. 


It uses two triple A batteries, included in the purchase of your device. 


*Only functional for version two onwards. 

Practice Feedback V2

SKU: 07503035924035
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